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Processing of personal data within the Swedish Karate Wadokai (SKW) like the Swedish Karate Association (SKF).


You have the right to have all information we have about you deleted. Send an email to


We store, in cases where you have entered the information and given permission:

Email address, telephone number, address, social security number.


In some cases, it is necessary to process personal data in order to fulfill the function and purpose of the business and the associated membership. We handle only information belonging to member associations and the individual members of the organization who participate in organizational activities within the framework of the membership as well as elected representatives.



In order to administer training, SKF needs to collect and process personal data for registration and, in some cases, a list of skills, such as licensed instructors and judges. If you participate in a diplomatic / licensing union training, your personal data will be saved as long as you yourself wish to be active in the relevant role within the union. If you participate in an education, you also agree that we have the right to process and save your personal data as above.


Elected trustees

The personal data of the trustee is processed to the extent necessary to enable them to fulfill their assignment and with regard to the payment of salaries, fees and other contractual terms within the assignment agreed by the parties. In the case of employment or assignments that the elected trustee accepts, SKF's office processes and saves personal data in order to administer as necessary.

Member Associations

Member clubs  are registered in SKW's database during the time the association is a member of the union. Each member association has one or more specified contact persons. This personal data is processed only for the purpose of correspondence and administration regarding the membership to be carried out between SKW and the association.



Other situations may arise that may require personal data to be processed or communicated, such as in contact with other organizations SKW has a liability relationship such as contact with the media or legal bodies. Then special consideration and reflection must be shown and unless special reasons exist, the person concerned must be informed of the treatment before it is performed.


External systems

SKW connects to the Swedish Karate Association and the Western Karate Association, which uses only external systems that are verified in accordance with GDPR and are currently affiliated with IdrottOnline as well as a partner with the competition system Sportdata.


Each member association is automatically linked to IdrottOnline as part of its membership agreement with SKF. Information collected by SKF in this system is only processed for the purpose of correspondence and administration around the membership.


It is the association's responsibility that the information contained in IdrottOnline is accurate and should be adjusted as soon as possible in the event of changes.

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