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Samurai-Dojo History

Karateklubb Samurai-dojo, 30 Years - 1999!
Karateklubb Samurai-dojo (KSD) in Gothenburg, Sweden, was started in 1969. KSD celebrates her 30 Years Anniversary in 1999. Let us have a quick look at the history of KSD.


In May Shingo Ohgami came to Gothenburg, Sweden as a guest  researcher at Chalmers Technical College (in Chemistry). He started the first training at Volrat Thams Studenthem in June. In September the training was moved to Krokslätts Studenthem.


In January the training was also started at Rotary Studenthem. In September all the training was moved to Engelbrektsskolan.


In September the training was also started at Annedalsskolan. Training has been operated at two places.


Membership magazine (later Svenska Wadokai ) was started. The magazine has been published 4 times a year since then. In May KSD found its own Dojo (two Dojos) at Åvägen 17, 700 m2. We should never forget that quite a few members of KSD worked enthusiastically for building our new dojos.


KSD organized The Swedish Championships for the first time. Since then KSD was in charge of organizing many official competitions.


KSD organized European Championships of EKU in May. This is by far the biggest competition which KSD ever organized. KSD was in charge of European Wado Cup twice in 1989 and 1994.


Introducing a computer for administration. KSD was one of the first karate clubs who started using computers for administration.


KSD started children competition Kodomo Cup. The 15th Kodomo Cup was arranged in 1999.


Membership magazine published by computer. We have up to now been using an IBM Composer for setting texts. But time has come to change to a computer program instead.


KSD 25 Years Anniversary.


KSD is on the internet.


KSD 30 Years!! We hope that we can continue to contribute to the society with healthful and meaningful activities.


KSD 35 Years!!


KSD 40 Years!! Celebration party 23 May (Pictures in the gallery)

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