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Wadokai Karate

What is Wadokai?

Wadokai is an organization where we have a common training method. In Sweden its the Swedish Karatedo Wadokai, in Europe its the Federation of Wadokai and in Japan its Japan Karate Federation. Our style of Karate Wadoryu (ryu = style, school) Kata (one man form) and Kumite (pairtechniques) are considered most important. We try to seek the universal principles of our bodies so the techniques will be more effective and at the same time better for our health.

What is Swedish Karatedo Wadokai?

In Sweden there are more than 20 clubs that have the same training method and principles. Swedish Karatedo Wadokai is affiliated to Wadokai in Japan (JKF-Wadokai, official Wadoryu group within Japan Karate Federation) and Federation of European Wadokai (FEW). KW follows technically the line of Wadoryu Karate which was founded by Ohtsuka Hironori (1892-1982).



Wadokai i Europa

The first footstep of Wadoryu Karate ever made in Europe, at least which I could trace, was the trip made by the three Karatekas in 1964. Those three were Tatsuo Suzuki (5th dan), Hajimu Takashima (4th dan) and Toru Arakawa (5th dan). Those three made a two months trip throughout the US and Europe to present karate at various places. You can read how their trip went in the book written by Takashima 1965.



Wadoryus Karate Historik

Let us look at the history of Wadoryu karate which we are training today more in details. Wadoryu karate was founded by late Ohtsuka Hironori (1892-1982). Ohtsuka trained Shindo Yoshinryu jujutsu under Nakayama Tatsusaburo (a kendo instructor, 1870-1933) in his school days (ca. 1906-1911) and other jujutsu schools while he was a student at Waseda University in Tokyo. Among others he studied Yoshin Koryu jujutsu from Kanaya Motoo (ca. 1919-1921) according to Dr. Fujiwara.




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