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What is Karate?

To hit or to kick is nothing new for human being. In the ancient Greece they started the Olympic Games. In the program, there were boxing, wrestling and pancration. In pancration, punches and kicks were used. But the unique thing with Karate is the aspect of how to live.

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Karateklubb Samurai Dojos history

Karateklubb Samurai-dojo, 30 Years - 1999!
Karateklubb Samurai-dojo (KSD) in Gothenburg, Sweden, was started in 1969. KSD celebrates her 30 Years Anniversary in 1999. 

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Karate - Karate is not only for the elite who train hard and join various competitions but also for everybody. Karate is a good method to keep your body in shape. Anybody, young and old, men and women, can train Karate at KSD. Karate is for you. KSD even has children groups, senior groups etc.

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Taichi Chuan - Taichi Chuan is originally a martial art from China for developing internal energy. This internal energy is effective in combat as well as an energy for health. Today, a lot of people in the world train Taichi for good health, not only good physical health but more important, good mental health.

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Childrens activities

No translation available for the moment. Information only in Swedish.

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Our ideology

We want to train Karate to feel better both physicaly and mentaly.
Physically: In karate we use both arms and legs, left and right.
Mentally: We gain mental strenght through concentration throughout the whole training.  

We want a quiet and clean environment to enable maximal concentration. 

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