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Swedish Karatedo Wadokai  (SKW)

What is the Swedish Karatedo Wadokai? 

Swedish Karatedo Wadokai is affiliated to Wadokai in Japan (JKF-Wadokai, official Wadoryu group within Japan Karate Federation) and Federation of European Wadokai (FEW).
SKW follows technically the line of Wadoryu Karate which was founded by Ohtsuka Hironori (1892-1982).
The headquarters of SKW is located at Karateklubb Samurai-dojo (established 1969) in Gothenburg, Sweden. SKW has celebrated her 25 years anniversary on 30th November 1996.



  • Daily training at member clubs
  • Easter Camp (3 days), Summer Camp (7 days) and Winter Camp (3days)
  • Gradings
  • Competitions
  • Membership magazine (in Swedish, A-5, 40 pages) 4 times a year



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Members of Swedish Karatedo Wadokai
Svenska Wadokai Magazine
Swedish Karatedo Wadokai (SKW) - Gradings
Svenska Wadokai - Karateklubb Samurai Dojo
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